About WFF

The World Fighting Federation (WFF MMA) provides mixed martial arts fighters with professional opportunities that extend far beyond the cage

Household names in the fighting world will tell you that skill alone isn’t enough to build a career. Fighters need help developing their brands, obtaining sponsors and selling merchandise. That’s where the WFF MMA comes in. We provide the guidance and tools necessary in building a professional MMA career. The WFF MMA was founded with a simple philosophy: “Take care of the people that take care of you.” This sentiment reverberates throughout the fighting community and the community in which we live.

The WFF MMA also makes a sincere effort to support local communities that host WFF MMA events.


Brandy Pierce

Brandy Pierce is a former collegiate All-American cross country and indoor track athlete and part of multiple championship teams.

This elite mindset motivated her to become a doctor of Naturopathic Medicine where she has treated some of the world’s top athletes in the NFL, MLB, PGA, UFC, PGA, NHL and Olympics as well as some of Hollywood’s premier actors & musicians.

With her business background and elite athlete experience, she is a perfect fit to be involved with WFF. She brings her passion of the sports industry combined with her experience and knowledge gained over the years to be an invaluable asset to the growth of WFF.

Along with being a partner in the WFF, she is a mother and a yoga instructor.